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Inset for Scaredy Cats Foundation and KS1

The inset will look at how to use drama in storytelling. Techniques will be taught on how to engage the children and allow them to interact and make decisions in the story through role-play, group work and games. The course will look at learning to be in role without having to “act”, de-mystifying the myth that only A�brilliant actors can deliver drama.

Inset for Scaredy Cats KS2

The inset will look at ways to de-mystify drama techniques and build teachers’ confidence to use drama in the classroom. These techniques will allow teachers to adapt lessons to engage the children for a a�?hands ona�? approach to learning.

Inset a�?Into the woodsa�? for Forest Schools Foundation and KS1

The inset will look at ways to use storytelling and drama techniques outside the classroom. We will look at creating your own story to introduce a forest task, how to use A�games within drama adapted from a traditional tale, A�how to include soundscaping and mapping, and guidance in oral storytelling skills.

Inset to inspire writing KS1 & 2

The inset will look at rules and control in the classroom, warm-up games and group work. The course will also focus on working from a text or story, using hot seating, role on the wall and teacher in role to act as a stimulus for encouraging independent writing. Other drama techniques explored include conscience alley, soundscape and for KS2, debating in role, as the pupils become the community on a remote Scottish island.