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The Drifting Island of Narp



Dear Narpoopians,

Burdum. Thank you for visiting this page for all Ex-Pats from the Drifting Island of Narp, the only island in the world to move at the mercy of the oceans’ currents.

As you all know by now, our unique island has fallen off the map, simply disappeared just like that! Last radio contact was made on June 11th 2014 to the coastguard of Palau , Micronesia.

Narp requested permission to anchor due to approaching bad weather…

If you can offer any new information on the status of the island please get in touch via the contact page of this website. I will pass it on here, to other worried Narpoopians.

Also, at my late grandfather’s request, I am gathering stories and artefacts to open up the world’s first Museum of Narp.  If you can offer any contributions, please get in touch via the contact page.

Let us all be hopeful and remain positive that the extraordinary Drifting Island of Narp will turn up safe and sound somewhere at sea, soon.

Until that day, I will continue to keep all Narpoopians posted, via the kind folk at Mud Pie Arts.

Stay positive,  and may your painted horse always run with you. Burdum burdum,

Nancy Longbottom