enchanted chalk

Touring   2017 : 

‘The Enchanted Chalk’. 4-11 years

Magic things happen when Esme finds a piece of chalk. She draws a door onto a strange and tangled garden. But she daren’t face this unexpected adventure alone.

The audience are invited along to advice her and help when the oddest things happen. They will be invited to chalk up their own drawing take home too.

Expect interactive storytelling, live drawing, music and improvisation led by you!

For all those who love to draw on their imagination!

Watch the TRAILER from this link:

This original performance isn’t afraid of tackling some prickly topics for young minds.

Why does the farmer bury half his fruit? Would you eat wonky, ugly vegetables?

Could you persuade the Mega Market to change their ways?

Dare you become a Guerrilla Gardener to bring back nature?

Mud Pie Arts invite children to join the discussion on some big green questions. This is theatre for young thinkers. Come and join in the debate!



We were inspired by The National Geographic



 What the children of Riverside Special School say about ‘All Things Weird and Wonderful’ - 

Riane: I liked all of the show. I liked learning about stuff … bugs and nature and that. I liked the ladies and I loved joining in with their show.

Isaac: I enjoyed all of the performance. I liked going to choose a drawer with another story in it. I loved the part with the orang-utans!

Lee: I liked everything about the show. My favourite part was the story with the orang-utans. I liked that it was all about saving endangered animals.

Olivia. I liked the whole show. It was full of stories about the Swatbottles’ ancestors and the drawers were full of objects about their adventures.

Lucy: I loved taking part … I got to wear the rucksack! I really liked the stories about the chimps.

Niamh: I loved the ladies and I liked that they wore different hats. I enjoyed joining in and making bird noises.

Jess: The show was great! I loved all the different costumes. My favourite story was about the lions. I love lions.

Jason: The show made me laugh, especially the bit with the fish that looked like Lady Gaga! My favourite part was waiting to see which item came out of the drawer each time.

Alan: I loved the show and that every story just started with an object that came out of a drawer. It was so good.

Jack: I loved how funny the show was in places and I really liked how the ladies got everyone involved. I did lots and I held the orang-utan!