Sample workshops:

Performing Skills A�- KS1 or KS2
Themes: Drama, SEAL, Speaking and Listening

Bring out the best from your class! Build their confidence in performing out to an audience through fun games and exercises. You know their big voice is in there so help them find it for themselves and discover the joy of acting. This is a great workshop to ensure your school play will be a big success.

Creating Characters – A�KS1 or KS2
Themes: Drama, Speaking and Listening, Creative writing, History

This workshop will unlock your children’s creativity. They will invent an original character in a community. They will learn to take on this character physically and develop their character’s voice through fun games and exercises. The workshop concludes with everyone writing or dictating their story in character. See the power of drama at work!

Addition information:
This workshop works well in many community contexts. E.g. an island community, a Victorian country household, factory workers. Let us know your topic and we can tailor make a great workshop just for you.

Physical Theatre A�- KS2
Themes: Drama, P.E. Problem solving

Physical Theatre uses actors to create the world of the play. They use teamwork to instantly conjure up the scenery and atmosphere. We use games and stories to teach this fun technique. This workshop offers refreshing ideas for group work in the school play and assemblies. Try it! It’s easier than it looks!