Sample workshops:

A Taste of Africa A�- A�Foundation & KS1

Themes: Geography, other cultures, language and healthy eating

A workshop based on the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne.

This workshop is a lively and sensory exploration of a different culture

The children will learn traditional a Kenyan chant and a dance as well as learning about the animals and fruits of the country. Through the use of handmade masks the children will explore different animal movements and take part in a final performance. At the end of the session the children will all have the opportunity to taste the fruits explored during the session.

A Fair World – A�KS1

Themes: Geography, SEAL

This workshop considers the contrasts of wealth and poverty using the traditional Chinese tale adapted by Julia Donaldson ‘s ‘The Magic Paintbrush’

The children will use games, hot seating and role-play to consider the story from different points of view. They will learn about the real lives of children in China today and compare it with their own lives.

Natural Disasters – A�KS2

Themes: Geography, Journalistic writing.

We have all seen the pictures on the TV but natural disasters can seem far away from our comfortable lives.A�Pupils will dramatise first hand accounts of flooding A�overseas and the UK. They take on the role of journalists to interview a flood victim then consider what is necessary for survival of a natural disaster.

The water is rising. What would you take with you?

Additional information:
This session can be adapted to accommodate other subject matter such as hurricane or earthquake. Let us know your topic area.