Mud Pie Arts A�- Jenna Drury and Nicolette Hobson have over ten years experience each of teaching history through drama.

In all Historymakers character workshops your class will meet an actor in role and have the opportunity to ask them questions. Pupils will participate in role-play and drama games to make choices, solve problems and consider life in a very different time.

Florence Nightingale

Pupils will learn about her privileged life and her quest to become a nurse against all odds. They will map her journey from England to Scutari and become the nurses and soldiers on a hospital ward during the Crimean war. They will discover how Florence made hospitals cleaner places.

Suitable for KS1A�

Mrs Elizabeth Pepys

Pupils will learn about the Pepysa�� daily lives, their brushes with royalty and the experience of living in London during an outbreak of the plague and the Great Fire of London. Mrs Pepys will lead games to demonstrate the dangers on the streets.

Suitable for KS1 & 2A�

George Stephenson

Pupils will learn about his early life, through to the locomotive competition at Rainhill that led to a tragic accident. Pupils will recreate scenes and debate in role. They will then become eye-witnesses on the fateful day and use their journalistic skills to re-count the events.

Suitable for KS1 & 2

Guy Fawkes

Pupils will find out about his early life in York, through to the events leading up to 5th November 1605. They will learn about religious unrest. Pupils will map the journey, become characters in the story and debate in role, to discover the truth behind the Gunpowder Plot.

Suitable for KS1 & 2

*Sir Francis Drake

Pupils will become the crew of The Golden Hinde on its circumnavigation of the globe 1577-1580. Through role-play and storytelling the class will take part in recruitment, learning the ropes, privateering, trade, shipwreck and royal approval.

Suitable for KS2


a�?In Their Shoesa�� Classroom role-plays:

In all classroom role-plays each child will take on a role, in contrast to their own experience today.A�

The Victorian School Room a�� Once tried, never forgotten! KS1 & 2

*Life in a Country House a��Servant or master, know your place! KS1 & 2

*Life in the Workhouse a�� Have you got what it takes to endure the daily grind? KS2

*The Great Exhibition a�� Exhibitor or visitor, roll up for the greatest show on earth! KS2

*These are half day workshops only.

Historymakers Prices:

One hour – A?100A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� Half day – A?150A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� Whole day – A?200