Sample workshop:

Silly Billy – KS1

Themes: Speaking out, feelings, music and dance.

This workshop uses the book ‘Silly Billy’ by Antony Brown to sensitively explore the need to unload our worries. Through drama games, music, dance and drawings the children are given the opportunity to express their fears out loud.


Blue Eyes Brown Eyes – KS2 Year 5 & 6

Themes: SEAL and PSHE Discrimination and Bullying

This workshop is based on the teaching of Jane Elliott, who devised an exercise for children that labels pupils as inferior or superior solely based upon the colour of their eyes and exposes them to the experience of being in a minority.

Additional Information:
The workshop will sensitively lead the pupils in a whole class role play. It will be made clear at the beginning of the workshop that this is a drama role-play and pupils will experience both sides of the experiment through performing a team task. They will then be given the opportunity after the role-play to discuss their responses and to question further the issues raised.

This workshop encourages the awareness of sensitive issues and helps pupils to look at prejudice and discrimination in a safe and creative way. The session will conclude with games celebrating our differences.