Sample workshops:

How do bees make honey? – Foundation and KS1

Themes: Mini-beasts, role-play, dance

Meet Granny B. She is a beekeeper and knows all about the life of bees. The children will take the role of a colony  and Granny will show them how they are born, how they feed, work, swarm and even waggledance! The children will have the chance to taste some of Granny’s  special honey.

Additional information: This workshop is also available as a participatory performance delivered by two actors.

An Eco Hot Potato! – A local community debate. – KS2

Themes: The environment, mapping skills, characterisation, speaking and listening

The group map out an imaginary  town and take on at the roles within that community. A local councillor announces proposals for change. The town is invited to step up to the microphone and debate the issue at a public meeting, The locals must consider  the consequences for their business and their local environment. The proposal is put to the vote.

The children will step into someone else’s shoes to debate a green issue in role.