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Dear Mud Pie Friends,


Welcome to ‘Cloud Tales.’

These are our special stories to keep us all looking up, when we can’t be together.

You may remember that Mud Pie Arts performed ‘Cloud Tales’ at Little Feet Festival at York Theatre Royal and Hull’s Big Malarkey festival in June 2018.

We think it is time to spot some more cloud tales. After all, we may be stuck at home, but we still have our own patch of sky above us.


Mud Pie Arts is all about making stories together. And like mud pies, they are instant, messy and hands on!

Our imaginations, like clay, need a good stretch too!

So every Monday and Thursday we will post a photo of the fresh clouds drifting over Jenna’s garden in York that morning. 

Jenna will scratch out a mud pie story inspired by that cloud! One of us (and maybe our house full of teenagers) will record the story for you.

Just occasionally, we may need to use some clouds we spotted earlier!


But each tale will be missing an ending. You decide what happens next. 

Draw it, make it, write it, say it any way you like. The sky’s the limit!

Pop your endings in the comments section under the story, or on our Facebook page:


Ready? Let’s get cloud spotting!

 - Jenna and Nicolette. March 2020

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Children's Intro to Cloud Tales
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Click on a cloud to hear its tale...

Many thanks to the Cloud Appreciation Society: 


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