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Join us at Spark to ignite your creativity.

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

We were delighted to be invited by York St. John University to use their community

theatre space at Spark. In the school holidays we like to bring our interactive

storytelling to families at festivals, libraries, museums, theatres, just wherever

families hang out!

We have decided to use out sessions at Spark Community Theatre to share our

brand new story material. Each story will be written by myself and performed by us,

with lots of help from you! Our approach to audience participation is ‘gently does it’!

No one should ever feel press-ganged into joining in! We aim make a story so

tempting that children naturally and happily take part.

At Spark we want to take the creating process one step further. After hearing our

tale, we want to give everyone; mum, dad, grandparent or child, the chance to

invent their own story to take away. We will give you a helpful scaffold on which to

build your adventure. There will be time and space for you to spread out and draw,

write or just whisper your ideas to each other.

We all know the links with wellbeing and creativity. Its official! Making up stories is

good for you. So come down to Spark in Piccadilly, York, and see if we can fire up

your imagination!

Mud Pie Stories at Spark Community Theatre 2019:
Tues 26th Feb 4pm,
Tues 23rd April 4pm ,
Sat 11th May 2.30pm
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