Interactive storytelling performances for families


Cloud Tales 2021
Meet the Author at York Explore Libraries

Weds 25th August:       Acomb Explore Library

Thurs 26th August :      York City Explore Library

Saturday 28th August: Tang Hall Explore Library

Monday 25th October: New Earswick Explore

Thursday 28th October: Clifton Explore Library

10.30-11.30 am

Suitable for 5+

Booking through York Explore . FREE

We are excited to launch our new children's book 
Cloud Tales by Jenna Drury

Have you ever gazed up at the clouds and seen pictures floating by?

Maybe a dinosaur, a dog or a great big digger?

You have? Fun isn’t it, spotting cloud shapes!


But I wonder, do you know that when clouds make funny shapes, they are actually telling stories to each other? It’s true!


There is nothing they like better. Clouds are very good at starting stories.

They look down on earth and take it in turns to make up tales about us!

Oh yes, they are soon puffing out brilliant beginnings.

But not so good at finishing them.

Well, story endings can be tricky.


You see, clouds have a habit of drifting off, so we never find out how their tales end.

Jenna needs your help to finish each story.

Expect book reading, drama games and storymaking fun with the author.