Storymakers at

Deershed Festival


25th and 26th July 2020

What the Ladybird Heard’ –

Interactive Storytelling.


Suitable for age: 3-7 years

Length: 50 minutes


‘But the ladybird saw and the ladybird heard…

She saw two men in a big black van,

With a map and a key and a cunning plan…’


Down on the farm, the animals must work together to stop these baddies in their tracks. But how? Bring your little oinks and quackers to take part in some fun filled farmyard frolics!

Mud Pie Arts will weave all the children’s ideas into their retelling of this tale of teamwork, based on the well-loved book by Julia Donaldson.

Storymakers at

The Big Malarkey Festival, Hull

24th June 2020

'Billy's Bucket'

Interactive Storytelling

Suitable for age: 3-5 years

Length: 50 minutes plus 10 minutes craft

All Billy wants for his birthday is a bucket. Billy finds all kinds of marine life in his bucket, from stingrays to clownfish. His parents scoff at his vivid imagination, but Billy has the last laugh.

Your class will enjoy exploring a world beneath the waves. They will celebrate Billy’s birthday and discover the joys of bringing our imaginations to life.

This workshop also encourages a love of books through drama.

They will also be able to make their own magic bucket to take home.

Inspired by the wonderful book by Kes Gray.


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