Participation Workshops

Cross-curricular drama workshops for EYFS, KS1 and KS2

Please be assured we will work with each school or nursery to adhere to their COVID 19 safety procedures. 

The workshop leader will keep an appropriate distance from pupils and teach in a responsible way.


Drama For Recovery

KS1 and KS2

Two drama practitioners

One school day

Delivering a drama games session for every class

Supportive teacher notes

Cost: £320

Teachers are telling us that some children are finding it hard to work co-operatively or find focus, after the period of home schooling. This is understandable and we want to help. Specific drama games, played regularly, can build confidence, concentration, cooperation and creativity. Plus of course they bring laughter, which lowers stress levels for us all!

We propose a whole day in school, demonstrating some simple and effective drama games with each class. The exercises will be tailored to each age group. The teacher can observe and adopt these games, to ease the children back on the road to recovery. Teacher's notes will be provided and our door will always be open for further support. 

Bring back your happy class, with drama games!




'Operation Last Hope'

A Fantasy Role-Play for KS2

5 Films, 5 Audio Clips

Teaching Resources and Teaching Notes

Purchase the programme @£60

Galena the Guiding One is recruiting brave explorers for an urgent quest. Who dares take the perilous journey across the kingdom, to save the endangered Lupu bird?

MPA deliver this scheme of work remotely. Galenka sets each task via 'the all seeing orb'.  Each child invents their character for the role-play. There are games to play, riddles to solve and scenes to improvise and draw. On every step of the journey explorers must keep up their journal and reflect on their feelings, with the help of the mood-o-metre. 

This scheme has been designed to build resilience and well being through immersive role-play. It can be carried out in one intense week or throughout a term.

Curriculum areas: PSHE, creative writing, art and wildlife conservation.

Take this incredible journey to save a species, together.



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'Our Lost Words'

Putting on a performance of the poems by

Robert Macfarlane

Key Stage Two

Length: One hour

Workshop size: 35 children 

Cost: £80 x1,  £100 x2

'Northern lights teaching shoaling fish teaching

swarming flies teaching clouding ink

would never learn the - 

Ghostly swirling surging whirling melting

murmuration of the starling flock'


These stunning acrostic poems are wonderful to perform out loud in groups.

The children will be guided in speaking the alliteration. They will invent and explore a range of movements to create their own choreography for the performances.

The class will share their experiences of nature and learn more about our native wildlife.

The performances can even be rehearsed  and shared with a wider audience


DATES: Available 2021



Lost words jpg.jpg

Meet the Pepys

The story of 1666

Key Stage One

Length: One hour

Workshop size: 35 children 

Cost: £80 x1,  £100 x2

Your class will meet the enthusiastic Elizabeth Pepys. She will share the story of her life with her famous husband Samuel and tell of his funny ways!

She will use drama games to explain their fear of the plague. 

She will invite the children to enact the fateful days of the Great Fire of London and demonstrate why the fire spread so quickly. 

Your class will have the opportunity to tell Mrs Pepys how life is, living through a modern pandemic.

DATES: Available 2021




Florence Nightingale

Whole class role-play

Key Stage One

Length: One hour

Workshop size: 35 children 

Cost: £80 x1,  £100 x2

2020 is celebrating the 200 year  anniversary of the birth of this pioneering nurse. 

Your class will meet Florence Nightingale and hear her remarkable story.

They will then take part in a Scutari hospital role-play, choosing to either train as a nurse or become a wounded soldier.

Everyone will learn about Nightingale's reforms in nursing care and her influence on  health reforms worldwide.

They will also find out about the remarkable determination of Jamaican nurse, Mary Seacole.

Let Florence inspire each child in your class to search for their true passion in life!  


DATES: Available 2021




Titanic Disaster

Whole class role-play

Year 5 - Year 8

Length: Two hours

Workshop size: 35 children 

Cost: £100 per session

This session sensitively re-tells the events of the Titanic tragedy; from Belfast shipbuilding

to the New York inquiry.

Each child will take the part of a real person on board as crew, or as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd class passenger. They will explore the social structure through first hand accounts and images. Everyone will make decisions and debate in role.

Your class will consider what lessons were learnt from the disaster.

Titanic - 'Our children have learnt so much through the creativity and expression of drama. The children loved it!'

Miss Taylor - DHT, Woodthorpe Primary School.


DATES: Available 2021